Lord Montagu of Beaulieu’s obituary


In addition to his many other fine achievements, Lord Montagu will long be remembered as a key individual in the nascent English Wine Growing industry: not only was he one of the first three pioneers to plant in commercial quantities, reintroducing wine growing to Beaulieu after an absence of several centuries, but he also enthusiastically supported others as the number of vineyards expanded to around 400 today.  On a trip to France he was challenged by the Master of the Bretvins de Loire as to whether the UK , if it was growing vines, had a wine brotherhood: upon his return to the UK he set about creating The Wine Guild of the United Kingdom, which was admitted to the Federation Internationale des Confreries Bachiques . He remained its Chancellor for the rest of his life and the Guild is indebted to him for his tireless work on its behalf.   The Wine Guild has consistently supported  UK wine growers and  makers, while also encouraging appreciation of all aspects of the wine industry here in the UK, including offering prizes for English wine making,  wine writing, and more recently supporting and encouraging young sommeliers by providing wine training to young staff in the hospitality industry in conjunction with the Academy of Food & Wine Service and supporting students for the Master of Wine qualification.  Lord Montagu also played a major role in developing the Academy of Food & Wine Service in its formative days where he was its Patron for a number of years. Additionally he helped develop the UK Vineyards Association as a trade association, and cultivated numerous international links with leading vineyard owners and wine makers. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-34106225

Nick Scade OBE

Chairman of the Academy of Food & Wine Service

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