Alper Zan 2014 Restaurant Manager of The Year Prize Report

Alper Zan UK Restaurant Manager of The Year 2014 Lausanne Hotel School  Report

Ecole Hoteliere Lausanne – Executive Education

Operation Management Programme 2015

It was an honour winning the AFWS UK “Restaurant Manager of The Year 2014” competition.

It’s such a prestigious award itself and to receive Executive Education Programme from the world famous Hospitality School made me sleepless for a couple of nights thinking “What an opportunity”. So firstly I would like to thank from bottom of my heart AFWS for supporting and investing in our people to improve Hospitality Industry with this competition and Savoy Education Trust for sponsoring the prize.

I had a truly life changing experience in Lausanne and I’m proud to say I’ve successfully received worldwide recognised certificates by the school Professors. Knowing I was to receive my education modules from professors who have devoted their life to the Hospitality Industry, makes the learning’s even more special.Prof. Horatiu Tidori

EHL Executive Education – Operations Management Programme 2015

  • Value Creation & Innovation – F&B

Prof. Alain Najar

  • Hospitality Revenue Management

Prof. Horatiu Tudori



The ClassProf. Alain Najar





EHL only provide this programme twice a year and each class have no more than 10 people. It’s intense but very rewarding and I found almost 70% learning’s are practical in day to day business for every level.

My class included – CEO (Italy), 2 Vice President (USA & Italy), Business Consultant (Swiss & Israel), Hotel / Restaurant Manager (Brussels), Hotel / Restaurant Manager (UAE), Learning & Development Manager (France), FOH Manager (Swiss)  and me!

Travelling to Switzerland and exploring Geneva and Lausanne was a delight. The EHL team was very welcoming and they give an immense amount of attention to each and every one of us. Both programmes are structured and executed to perfection.  The School’s excellence in teaching and passion is clear for everyone to see. Both professors were very interested in how the programme is designed and tailor made for our career patterns to maximise the effectiveness of the learning.

The EHL programme is just the beginning, with the connections made and the continual guidance that the Professors offer, it is all part of a life long journey that I have begun.

Needless to say, I can’t wait to share what I have gained and put all the learning’s into practice to make a difference.

For me hospitality is a way of life; not just a job.  With that in mind I would like to again thank the AFWS and Savoy Educational Trust for giving me this once in a life time experience.  I intend to go back next year to complete the whole programme to further my development.

Best regards,

Alper Zan.

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